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                   Culture(图1)          Programme:﹡let us have a better life together!
       Vision:﹡ become a world-class efficient intelligent power solutions provider!
       Mission:﹡commitment to global energy saving and carbon reduction contribution!
       Value:﹡enable employees to live a happy life; * win customer respect; * achieve mutual benefit with suppliers; * create value for shareholders; * reward society and respect for the natural environment.
       Spirit: ﹡innovation, service, integrity, excellence.
       Implement:﹡company to find me to solve the problem, do not solve the problem, there is no value of my existence! * when it comes to a problem, it means that it is someone else's problem, that is, shirking responsibility is equivalent to dereliction of duty! * successful people look for ways, losers fail to make excuses!
       Culture:﹡responsibility, passion, action, win-win situation.
       State:﹡health, happiness, success, gratitude.
       Motto:﹡God helps those who help themselves within 8 hours for efficiency, and 8 hours for development, win in others!
       Success:﹡diligence, wisdom, determination, perseverance.
       Success motto:﹡confidence is more valuable than diamond.
       Style of work:﹡serious, rigorous, solid work, efficient.
       Standard:﹡(love the motherland Thanksgiving society, promote the harmonious family care) * (parents, zunlaoaiyou) * love enterprise (loyal to mosopower, love team (* pull together in times of trouble) of unity and cooperation, shared responsibility) * love (dedication, dedication) * (continuous innovation breakthrough, the pursuit of * (excellent) the courage to fight the firm faith, persevere self-discipline (honesty) * *, self-disciplined) obey the arrangement (efficient implementation, fast response (go) * customer first, service with a smile)
       Quality policy:outstanding design, stable and reliable, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.
       Environmental policy:abide by the law, energy conservation, pollution prevention, green environmental protection.