Service system
As one of the top 100 high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen, MOSO has first-class technical force and deep technical reserves. The concept of full service is always vividly reflected in the work of every MOSO employee.

Service tenet
Satisfying customers'needs is the starting point and ultimate goal of MOSO services.

Scope of service
The quality guarantee period of MOSO products is 5 years from the date of manufacture.

information feedback
Establish detailed information sheet for customers'installed lamps and lanterns. Including the specific installation of provinces, cities (counties), sections, installation quantity, product specifications, etc., in order to facilitate follow-up services. For the establishment of the form, see "Information Distribution Table for Customer LED Street Lamp Installation".

Service personal
All of them have been trained strictly and systematically. They have comprehensive and exquisite technology and rich experience. They have more than two years'practical experience.

Accessories guarantee
According to the specific specifications of the information feedback form, more than 100 sets of products should be provided in Beijing and Shenzhen service centers to facilitate the timely maintenance of LED street lamps and to solve user problems quickly.

Supervision and management
Establish a national hotline service group to announce to customers, specially receive feedback from customers on product quality information of our company, make timely written registration, and feedback to relevant departments within the company within 30 minutes, unified management and written registration, after-sales service personnel uniformly dress the company's service overalls "Maoshuo Power Service Group" Team"operates strictly in accordance with MOSO regulations, supervised by customers and can complain to MOSO at any time.

Building Partnerships with Customers
Partnership is not a casual relationship, it is not only the natural result of our customer service, but also a solemn commitment: we closely link our future with the future of our customers, regard the needs of our customers as our sole goal, and regard customer satisfaction as the symbol of our success.
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