• X6 Series-Plant Growth Lighting LED Driver

    Wattage: 105W-680W 

    Product features

    Universal input voltage / Full range: 90~305Vac; 

    Constant power design, output current programming adjustable; 

    (M types) offline programmable, (V types) output current adjustable by built-in potentiometer; 

    3-in-1 dimmable: 0~10Vdc / PWM/ Timer dimming, Dim-to-off; 

    (M types) Constant lumen output; 

    Output and Dimming Signal Isolating; 

    Surge protection: 5KV line-line, 10KV line-earth; 

    Protections: SCP / OVP / OTP; 

    IP67 design for indoor and outdoor applications; 

    Suitable for dry / damp / wet locations; 

    5 years warranty.


    Suitable for horticulture lighting.